Failure is inherent to politicians still blindly believing that old politics can fix world problems.

pirateparty you fail before you sail
Pirateparty - You Fail before you Sail

The failboat

A failed orginization or group of idiots. Doomed to failure and full of ineptitude, they still continue to sail away on the sea of stupidity.
In extreme circumstances, one man can be catergorized as a failboat in and of his/her self. ~source urbandictionary

If you are looking for the Pirateparty Netherlands click here Piratenpartij = Failboat?

Pirateparty The Netherlands - General assembly 15th of June 2019

  • Remarkable Failboat Motions
  • Motie "Volle Kracht Onderuit" Actually suggests that the board should commit a crime in order to pass new statutes with a notary without prior approval of the mayority of a full members council. We love to see wannabe politicians fail before they sail while giving us a nice view on the deck of a sinking failboat. We love the lulz. link to original PDF
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    Why this site?
    Because it's a political statement for new politics.